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Shenzhen ZhuoYue Estate

1.  Client : Shenzhen ZhuoYue Estate

2.  Requrie : Parking lot lighting

3.  Time : Sept. 2013

4.  Location : Shenzhen city, GuangDong province.

5.  Product : LED T8 tube


                                                           JinYuan Lighting and Tiger World Flashlight



        ZhuoYue Estate was founded in 1996. It is a foreign investment group which was crossed industry and region. His transaction relate to the development of real estate, commercial operation, hotel management, urban renewal, estate management and ect. ZhuoYue  Estate has beautiful environment with convenient traffic and shopping places.

        Our company undertook the project of LED energy-saving with their underground parking lot. We were used  about 11 thousand sets of T8 tube and the project was finished in Sept. 2013 . After using our products, the efficiency have been  increased 3 times and saving five sixths energy than before. Our tube was working without any problem until now and have been valued by clients and the same industry.