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Chaozhou Judefang tea house

1. Client : Guangdong Chaozhou JuDeFang tea house

2. Require : Restaurant lighting

3. Time : Sept. 2012

4. Location : Xiangqiao district, Chaozhou city, Guangdong province.

5. Product : LED tube, LED ceiling light.


                                              JinYuan Lighting and Tiger World Flashlight


        Chaozhou JuDeFang is a new type restaurant in ChaoZhou, Cantonese and HK cuisine. It is the first one in ChaoShan. This cuisines use the old style cooking and add some new style cooking, which is popular by many people.

       This restaurant's indoor lighting use the theme of  brief and elegance. It provide the comfortable environment for client. We use the white and warm white product .  It build a harmonious and perfect environment for people


                                         .JinYuan Lighting and Tiger World Flashlight                                             JinYuan Lighting and Tiger World Flashlight