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Vietnamese international LED lighting Tech Fair


  JinYuan Lighting and Tiger World Flashlight                          JinYuan Lighting and Tiger World Flashlight


Name : Vietnamese international LED lighting Tech Fair

Time : July 1-3, 2015

Place : Saigon exhibition center

Exhibit : LED downlight, LED bulb, LED Tube, LED street light, LED mobile lighting equipment



        Vietnam is one of the highest economic growth rate's country in the world. It is expected that the  growth of GDP is 7%-8% every year during the 2011-2015. After Vietnam became a member of WTO, the record of foreign investment is 105 billion during 2007-2009. In 2009, the real estate industry is 45.1% (about 7.4 billions USD)of FDI in whole nation.

        For the  LED lighting market, Vietnam presents two extremes, the Philips high brand market and Chinese low-end brand market. Their LED  lighting market is starting soon and they know less about the LED product. So that some people follow suit. In that time, because of the less professional buyer, the importer began to enter the market last year, but it is slowly. Therefore, the Vietnamese LED product market is in the primary stage of development , but it is develop slowly.