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Indonesian International lighting exhibition



                 JinYuan Lighting and Tiger World Flashlight                                        JinYuan Lighting and Tiger World Flashlight




Name : Indonesian International Lighting exhibitions

Time : May 20-22, 2015

Place : A1F4-16, Indonesian Jakarta JIExpo exhibition center

EXhibit : LED downlight, LED bulb,  LED tube, LED street light, LED mobile lighting equipment.


            Indonesia has 250 millions of population and is accepted to be an important market. His economy was increased 6.3% every year. In order to increasing the development of lighting industry, the Indonesian government provide many favourable policy and guarantee for the LED lighting industry. The Indonesian Interantional Lighting exhibitions is a specialization exhibitions which is a large scale and great impact exhibition in Indonesia.


            There are 22 countries or areas(about 230 exhibitors) take part in this exhibition and  it was attracted about 10.000 buyers to purchase. The attendees of our company are in full fervor to welcome the guest, and lay a foundation for the development of our company in the Indonesian market.